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Tottori Whisky

The Tottori range: The province of TOTTORI has been Matsui distillery’s home since 1910. The Cellar Master has decided to create a special range of blended whisky to celebrate the preserved beauty of this rural province.
The Tottori: A tribute to the province that has been Matsui distillery’s home since 1910. The TOTTORI range is composed of several Japanese whiskies. The use of the clean and fresh water from Tottori natural streams is key to the process.
The TOTTORI Blended Whisky expresses Matsui’s 100+ years expertise in the art of aging and blending spirits!
Aged 3 years in toasted oak.
For a more authentic, pure and unique taste it has not been chill-filtered.

Color : Light gold
Nose : Elegant, balanced with ripe fruit, hint of spices coming from the oak
Mouth : Rich, floral & complex with spices, vanilla and chocolate
Finish : Refined finish with a mouthful of oak